Advantages of Using Contact Lenses During Sport

If you love to participate in sporting activities, you’ll appreciate just how difficult it can be if you have poor vision. Contact lenses offer an excellent solution. Simultaneously enabling you to maintain your usual sports performance while delivering a more secure and wider periphery of vision than a pair of traditional spectacles can. There are so many people out there with vision problems, ranging from nearsightedness and shortsightedness to astigmatism. For many, corrective contact lenses are the obvious choice. Even those people who find they can’t tolerate wearing contact lenses all day to the office can experience the benefits of using them specifically for sports and recreational purposes. So let’s delve in and take a look at some of the key advantages of using contact lenses during sport.


Key Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

When compared with eyeglasses, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover just how many advantages contact lenses have when it comes to supporting sporting endeavors.  Let’s take a look at some of the top ones now.

Enhanced Peripheral Vision

While you could, of course, invest in a pair of dedicated sports eyeglasses that come in a wraparound style, generally, most prescription eyeglasses have small, flat lenses and frames. This can hamper and reduce the extent of peripheral vision you have, which is critical especially when it comes to competitive level sports. There are none of those concerns with contact lenses.

Provide an Unobstructed Field of Vision

Similar to the point above, because you have no eye frames to contend with that can block and distort your field of vision, contact lenses provide a much wider encompassing and clearer view of your surroundings. You can see objects approaching faster, ensuring more reactive responses to ground balls and other objects. You’ve no excuses for missing that catch if you’re wearing contact lenses. Other than having butterfingers of course!

Won’t Get Fogged up or Splashed with Rain

Let’s face it, as an eyeglass wearer we’ve all experienced this phenomenon. It’s cold outside and hot inside the gym so your lenses steam up the minute you enter. You’re heading out on a bike ride and it starts to pour it down with rain and you’re left wishing that you’d invented mini removal windscreen wipers. If someone hasn’t already patented that idea, we’re grabbing it! No matter what environment you’re working out in your contacts will remain clear no matter what and continue to provide excellent vision.

Won’t Break and Less Chance of Injury

Unfortunately, spectacles can break and in so doing, might even cause an eye injury, especially if a cricket ball is hurtling at speed directly towards your face. With contact lenses, you don’t have to worry about that although obviously, you don’t want a black eye either so do your best to catch that flying ball regardless!

Provide More Stable and Secure Vision

You don’t have to be in the downward dog position in yoga to appreciate this point. Even if you are running or walking at pace, you’re likely to experience the sensation of your frames moving. You’ve got no chance keeping them in positioned if your sport of choice just so happens to be aerial acrobatics! Not just that, but as your frames move, it can also contribute to visual disturbances. Any eyeglasses wearer will testify that they spend a large part of the day anyway adjusting glasses that have slipped down their nose. With daily or varifocal contact lenses, you don’t have that worry either. They’re definitely not going to fall off your face.

Enhanced Compatibility with Safety Equipment

If you are participating in a more “extreme” sport that requires the protection of a helmet or other headgear such as goggles, then you will certainly benefit from wearing contact lenses from pure optical and not eyeglasses. They won’t interfere with the comfort, fit or the safety of any devices that you are wearing.

It so makes sense to invest in contact lenses if you love your sport. If you opt for disposable contact lenses too, you can simply pop them in for that game of tennis or rugby and simply throw them away when you’re done.

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