How to save electricity

Saving electricity is not that complicated, there are many ways for you to conserve electricity. Even though the effect of these strategies vary it is not bad to practice these ways every day until you get used to it. Here are some tips to conserve electricity and save money.

Don’t leave the door open

If you have an air conditioner or heater in your house an open door allows the temperature outside to enter your room making the machine do more work and use more electricity by doing so. Make sure to do this practice every day and if you have children always show it and remind them to close the doors.

Have disconnected times

Technology is a very essential part of our lives today and they need electricity to work. Some of these technologies are left on while nobody is using it. Make sure to disconnect appliances or any gadgets from your outlet if nobody is using it.

Bundle up

If you live areas where it is very cold open your closet and use your warmest jacket and fuzziest slippers instead of turning your heater on 24/7. It is not bad to use your heaters if the weather is not tolerable anymore but make it rest for some time, meanwhile make yourself a cup of cappuccino to warm up.

Use curtains

If you live in an area where it is impossible to plant trees use heavy drapes on your windows instead, these have the same effect as having plants around your house. It will block sunlight from going inside your house which will limit your usage of air conditioners.

Preheat your food

If you have frozen food do not put it in the oven immediately, wait for it to melt naturally before using the oven. This is a very important tip to conserve energy because it will help the oven perform less and use less electricity.

Control the brightness of your appliances

Most of our TV’s has a factory setting on brightness where it is brighter than normal. If your TV has a sensor to adjust the brightness depending on the area of the house makes sure to turn it on and if it has no sensor you can control it manually.

Energy Saving mode

Most of our mobile devices have a setting energy-saving mode make sure to turn it on. By using this setting your mobile device will save more battery that will help you charge less and save more energy.

Watch movies together

The era today makes a family not that close anymore compared in the past, make this time to make a bond in your family. By watching movies together it not just strengthen your bond as a family but it also helps you conserve energy compared to watching a movie separately in separate time of the day.

Turn the lights off

Make sure to turn the lights off if that area of the house is not being used and if you don’t have a phobia in the dark turn of your light when your sleep.

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